About Us

We really believe animation is magic, because it turns the unimaginable in something real, gives life to fairy tales or characters that only existed on the paper or in the mind of an artist.

We create a festival thinking of passionate and talented artists where they can share and be supported.

Do you believe in magic?…

Magic is an important part of our Festival, a place to connect with artists from all over the world, the audience and producers.

A Unique World…

Animatopia International Children´s Animation Festival will show in Werdenberg, St. Gallen Switzerland the most beautiful animated short flms. We are looking for artists from all corners around the world to participate.

Be part of the magic of Animatopia…

If you are an artist send your short film, if you are a sponsor we invite you to support talents. And if you love cartoons, join us to feel, experience and enjoy this party of magic, fantasy and color.

When & Where?

Where will it take place?

Werdenberg, St. Gallen, Switzerland

When will it be?

January 17-19Th, 2019

If you are an artist or fan of animations,
¡We invite you to join us!

Who Participate?


Artists from all over the world

Guest Country


Let´s count

The great day to show an extraordinary cultural experience in the region, dream together and have fun in an incredible way is coming.









We thank much our sponsors, friends and alliances. Without you this great world would not be possible.