Animatopia respects your right to privacy when you visit our sites (such as websites, social media sites, apps) and communicate with us electronically. This declaration defines in what form and for what purpose we collect information about you on our pages.

Application of this Privacy Policy and your consent.

If you use our pages or provide your personal information, you accept the terms of our privacy policy. If you do not agree with this statement, please do not use our pages (or exchange any personal information with us). Animatopia reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. We will inform you about all significant changes.

What personal information is collected by Animatopia?

We collect only personally identifiable information that you voluntarily provide to us, in accordance with your actions, for legitimate reasons, or if required to provide (and improve) our services:


  • Personal contact information such as name, e-mail, phone number.
  • Your comments that you upload to our pages. You have allowed this information to be shared with social media according to their respective rules.

What does Animatopia use your personal information for?

We collect your personal information for different purposes:


  • To answer your questions.
  • To send you a newsletter.
  • To combine them with data from other sources so that we understand your needs better and offer you targeted products and advertising.
  • To enter into a business relationship.

To whom does Animatopia provide your personal information?

We won’t provide your personal information to third-parties without your informed consent.

Data storage and security

We take all reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information against loss, unauthorized access or other misuse. Your personal information will not be sold, shared or otherwise disclosed to any third party, except as provided in this Privacy Policy. If the personal information collected by us for the given purpose or for legal reasons is no longer required, we will destroy or delete the data in a safe way.

Your rights

How to access your personal information and request changes:

  • It is your responsibility to request your personal information from us. You can also delete, correct or change your personal information. Contact us via email at
  • To help us process your application, please tell us your full name and contact details. You can always unsubscribe from advertising and targeted advertising messages. Please select the opt-out option or contact
  • You can also restrict the use of tracking technology. To do this, set your browser to display a warning message before accepting cookies. You can also choose the settings in such a way that cookies are generally rejected.

How to reach us:

  • Animatopia acts as the “Data Controller” for the personal data processed under this Privacy Policy. For any questions please contact us by e-mail at